InstaJam iOS App -
all your music in just one place


Project: Music streaming app
Target User: music lovers on the go
Goal: Simplify streaming music from different sources
Role: UX Design

This app concept was developed by me during an UX design workshop at Brainstation in Vancouver, BC. The workshop was structured like a design sprint and lasted about 6 hours.


Process for the design challenge

1. Choose an area of focus

  • Onboarding
  • Searching
  • Purchasing

2. Develop proto persona
Develop a model to represent the end-user of your digital experience.

3. Create an experience map
Analyze and document an experience a user might have with your digital solution.
Identify pain-points and opportunities.

4. Sketching & Ideation
- Inspiration Finding. Looking for design inspiration.
- Ideation. Translating your findings into doodle, sketching, and possible solutions.
- Sketching. Begin sketching rough features, layouts and designs for your mobile application.

5. Digital Wireframes in Sketch
Map out your first basic wireframe with shapes, colours and text.Refine your wireframe. Improve the look and feel of your basic wireframes using maks, symbols, and advanced features.

6. Presentation
Present your design solutions to the class or test them in a small group.

This is a rough workflow through the app to the purchasing area:


Experience the live prototype here:

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