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Qiagen - 
web based training for managers 


Project: Web Based Training Interface
Target User: Managers
Goal: Creating an easy to use minimalistic interface optimized for iPad
Team: Designer, Project Manager, Project Manager on customer side
Role: UX and Visual Design
Tools used: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator

For a mandatory online training for managers I developed an user interface optimized for iPad. According to the customer's specifications the interface was supposed to be minimalistic with plenty of whitepsace and should be neutral without any Qiagen branding. An information architecture had to be established as well as an image language, icon set and navigation that wasn't to distracting but still enagaging.

First draft of the minimalistic interface


Over time the customer decided - against the initial specifications - that the interface should include the Qiagen logo and follow the Qiagen design guidelines which included icons as well.


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